BUDA, TX (KXAN) — It’s been estimated by the National resources Defense Council that Americans throw away 40 percent of their food. 

GrubTubs in Buda is doing something about that waste — but their good efforts are causing a literal stink in some instances. 

In May, the City of Buda passed an ordinance that was aimed at reducing the stench that can come from the GrubTub facility that sits on the city limits. 

GrubTubs takes unused foods from restaurants and turns them into food for livestock for area farmers and ranchers. The food for the animals is highly regarded and it reduces food waste. 

But the process of turning the unused food for the animals can be stinky. When it’s done in the middle of the hot, central Texas summer, the smell can be pungent for folks in certain neighborhoods in Buda. 

“[GrubTubs} has addressed those issues, provided a mitigation plan to the city, but in the same time period code enforcement notified us of over 50 complaints from area residents with regards to concerns to that,” says George Hyde, city attorney for Buda. 

But Hyde states that since the passing of the odor ordinance, there have been six violations noted by Buda code and compliance from GrubTubs. 

“Some of the complaints that I’ve heard include that a lease was broken by a property owner who could no longer stand the smell from that property,” says Hyde. 

KXAN reached out to GrubTubs for comment, but our calls were not retuned. 

“When odors get to that point, it violates our community standards and need to be reviewed by a court,” adds Hyde. 

GrubTubs is expected in court in sometime in August.