HAYS COUNTY, Texas (KXAN) — More than 300 families experiencing homelessness have gone to H.O.M.E Center in San Marcos for help this year.

But that number continues to climb as the center’s funding dries out.

“Those large chunks of federal funds that were pandemic specific are running out. And now we have to look at other options for that funding,” H.O.M.E Center Founder Hannah Durrance said.

One person whose life completely changed thanks to the center was RJ.

“I really didn’t want to go on. And I used to sit there and for the first couple months I’d be like, ‘God, don’t wake me up,'” RJ said.

He was living in his car just six months ago.

“I had been homeless already for two years,” RJ said.

But with help from the center, he was able to sign a lease for his apartment.

“Just cried. I won’t lie to you, because I never thought it would come to this,” RJ said.

Durrance said housing costs continue to go up.

“Some of the rent increases are as much as three or $400 a month,” Durrance said.

That’s led to more evictions this year.

“We’ve had over 300 households come through trying to get services. We’ve sheltered over 150 households,” Durrance said.

But without more funding, Durrance said they likely won’t be able to provide shelter services anymore.

“In a few months, we could potentially no longer have the program here, because we wouldn’t have the funds to pay for the staff,” Durrance said.

RJ hopes donations will come in so one day he can work there to encourage and empower others.

“Learn to accept the help and go on. That’s how I did it,” RJ said.