Correction: An earlier headline of this story said there was a shortage in roof tiles. It is actually a shortage in roof shingles. The headline has been changed to reflect that.

ROUND ROCK, Texas (KXAN) — Josh Herrington said the homes in the Cat Hollow neighborhood in Round Rock look like a war zone following Sunday night’s hail storm. Herrington is the owner of Sixth Gen Roofing, and he and his team are in the process of helping homeowners who suffered roof and window damage.

“The ice storm — it was bad, it was bad, but it was a lot of clean up. This is going to be a lot of work,” Herrington said.

That work could be compounded because of a shortage in a certain material that goes into the production of roof shingles. Herrington said there is a lack of production on granular minerals, which serves as a protector from excessive heat for roof shingles.

How much damage could it be?

Herrington said he expects there is a need of between three million and four million roofing shingles for damaged homes in the Austin area.

“One of the firsts for me was seeing actual hail going through shingles and penetrating decking, causing leaking inside of homes,” Herrington said.

The hail did not have to go through roofs to cause damage. Herrington explained that hail hitting the shingles can crack the granular minerals and will need replacing.

Because of the lack of supply in Austin, Herrington said it will take a while for homes to get the shingles they need.

“Finding the right colors in the right timeline, to get the right roof that they want — you know it’s just going to make it difficult,” Herrington explained.

Tips for fixing your roof

If you have not done so already, you will need to call your insurance provider and get an adjustor to your home as soon as you can.

Herrington suggests homeowners talk with a local roofer from Austin. They will have the best contacts with the local roof shingle distributors and will give them priority.

He also adds you will need to practice some patience because roofing companies will be dealing with a lot of calls and requests.