GEORGETOWN, Texas (KXAN) —The City of Georgetown has asked voters to consider a $130 million bond package. If approved, the package’s four propositions would allow the city to expand and build new city facilities to accommodate a growing population.

Proposition A, which costs $56 million, would allow the City of Georgetown to build an 80,000 square-foot Customer Service Center.

City Manager David Morgan said right now, the city is leasing space to accommodate the need for office space. He said this new service center would house utility billing, fire inspection, planning, engineering and several other services.

“We’ve done some analysis to show that over a 30-year period of time, it’ll cost $80 million less to own our own facility and build on our existing land than it will be to pay market rate leases,” Morgan said.

Proposition B’s price tag is $49 million and would allow the city to expand its recreation center on Austin Avenue. The expansion would add 30,000 square feet to the facility with the addition of a third gym and more space for rec programming. The proposition would also allow renovations to the center’s parking lot and indoor pool.

Proposition C at $15 million would grant the city the option to expand the city’s animal shelter capacity or allow it to enter into a partnership with the Williamson County Regional Animal Shelter. This would also mean the city would be entering a partnership with several other municipalities that currently have agreements with the shelter as well.

Animal Services Manager April Haughey said accommodating more animals with limited space has been a challenge for the shelter’s animals and staff.

“We have 37 dog kennels and in September we peaked at 51 dogs. You see an increased number of behavior problems, and you see increased outbreak of illness. Then for the staff and the volunteers, it also becomes very overwhelming and very stressful,” Haughey said.

Proposition D, which costs $10 million, is also a partnership with another entity. This proposition, if approved, would help build a joint facility owned by the city and YMCA. According to the city’s webpage about the bond, the YMCA would cover all operating costs and offer Georgetown residents discounted memberships.

Morgan said if this bond package is approved, it’s not expected to impact the local tax rate.

“We do financial planning for capital improvements over a five year period of time, and these projects are assumed within the existing tax rate. And so we do not anticipate the tax rate to go up based on growth that we expect as well as retirement of debt over the next five years,” Morgan said.