GEORGETOWN (KXAN) — It’s been almost two months since the 2023 ice storm swept through Central Texas.

Many residents in the region were stuck without electricity for several days, as the severe storm tore apart tons of trees and power lines.

In Georgetown, the cleanup effort is still underway every day. City officials say they’ve collected nearly 120,000 cubic yards of tree debris.

Jack Daly, assistant public works director for the City of Georgetown, says the magnitude of damage from this storm is much more than what they witnessed in 2021.

“During the winter storm of 2021, we had 30,000 cubic yards of debris from that storm,” he said. “We think we’ll have five to six times as much debris from this storm.”

All the tree debris has been placed into large piles at the TDS Georgetown Transfer Station.

It’s been a month since the City of Georgetown hired a third-party contractor, Global Emergency Services, to assist with the curbside collection of tree debris.

According to Daly, they’re about 75% complete with their citywide cleanup effort.

Workers are on-site at the transfer station seven days a week, disposing of debris and chopping it down into mulch.

The City of Georgetown plans on spreading all the mulch to under-developed parks throughout the community.

Residents can also pick up the mulch for free at the TDS Georgetown Transfer Station, located at 250 W. L. Walden Dr., Georgetown, TX 78626.