AUSTIN (KXAN) —The family of Javier Ambler — the man who died in custody of the Williamson County Sheriff’s Office in March 2019 — issued an open letter to state leaders on Monday to address police brutality.

Ambler died after a pursuit by Williamson County deputies after he failed to dim his headlights for oncoming traffic.

In the open letter, the family is asking Gov. Greg Abbott and state senators to find a solution that will prevent a similar situation from happening in the future.

“This is not something we should disagree on, this is not a political dividing line. Justice isn’t red and it isn’t blue. #standforJavier and help us. Deliver fairness and equity in our policing, policies, and politics. Remove systemic inequity and practice bias toward fairness and parity in your work as public servants.

Open letter from Ambler family

In a news conference Monday, the Ambler family said “they will continue to pursue justice” in what is now an “all-too-familiar American tragedy.”

Ambler’s sister, Kim Jones, is asking for state leaders to hold law enforcement accountable.

“We’re just wanting to hold the deputies and the sheriff accountable for what happened to him and let his story be heard that his life was taken from him. He didn’t die from natural causes, nothing. Like, he could still be here today if that day didn’t happen,” Jones said.

Travis County District Attorney Margaret Moore and Williamson County DA Shawn Dick opened a joint investigation into the death of Javier Ambler on June 19.

In statement on the investigation, Moore and Dick explained:

“Although we have been working together for some time, we are making this announcement now because both offices have recently received numerous contacts regarding Mr. Ambler’s death and wish to assure both his family and the community that the investigation will be thorough and justice will be vigorously pursued.”