ELGIN, Texas (KXAN) — Neighbors in part of the Elgin Oaks subdivision are under a boil water notice, according to the City of Elgin.

Around 9 a.m. on Wednesday, parts of the city’s water system in the neighborhood “experienced low pressure as a result of a power loss to the water plant.” This loss of pressure may have allowed harmful microbes to enter the water system, the city said. The affected streets include:

  • Lacy Drive
  • Shady Drive
  • Shady Cove
  • Pumpstation Road
  • Sandy Lane
  • Markert Drive
  • Little Sandy Drive

If you live in this area and are out of water, the city said you’re part of the boil water notice.

To ensure water is safe for drinking, it must be brought to a vigorous boil, then boiled for two minutes. You can also buy bottled water if you prefer.

The system will be repaired and flushed with chlorinated water. Tests will also be done on the water.

The city will update customers once those test results come back and when the boil water notice is lifted.

If you have any questions about the boil water notice, you can call the City of Elgin at (512) 229-3260.