AUSTIN (KXAN) — After more than a year of discussions, Eanes ISD board of trustees has received the final recommendation from the citizens bond advisory committee.

“(We) worked through more than $150 million of identified needs and worked down to a final recommendation totaling $130 million,” said Jeremy Trimble, Eanes ISD assistant superintendent of operations and planning.

The suggested $130 million would go towards maintaining facilities, new technology and upgrading athletic facilities, but it would have to be passed by voters.

“We will continue to get feedback from our board of trustees and then they will decide if they want to order a bond election for May and that would be at the February 7th board meeting,” said Trimble.

Eanes ISD is home to more than 8,000 students and nine different schools. Trimble says many of the schools need upgrades.

“All the campuses are important they all have their own specific unique needs,” said Trimble. “The core of Westlake High School is still there from the late 1960’s”

If passed voters would see three propositions on the ballot in May. Proposition A would be for general maintenance, which could total more than $116 million. Proposition B would go towards stadium upgrades and could cost $2.4 million. Proposition C would go towards technology and devices and that could total $11.2 million.

“It is the largest bond that we have had,” said Trimble. “Luckily we are not building brand new facilities and having to deal with some of those escalated costs that other districts are having to deal with right now.”

Trimble said the school tax rate will not change if the bond is passed in May.

“Obviously with values of homes going up, there may be an increase in value which may lead to an increase in taxes, but the school district tax rate would not increase,” said Trimble.

The Eanes ISD board will discuss the proposed bond package in the next two meetings and will finalize their decision on Feb. 7.