DRIPPING SPRINGS, Texas (KXAN) — Tonight, fireworks are popping off throughout Central Texas. However, 12 Fox Beer Company in Dripping Springs made a last minute decision to not light up their fireworks.

The owner, Joe Hogge, posted a video letting customers know he wouldn’t be hosting his fourth annual show.

Hogge said for someone who dubs himself the “fireworks director”, it wasn’t a decision he took lightly.

Hogge said he paid $2,000 out of his own pocket for the fireworks. But he said the money doesn’t matter as much as keeping his community safe does.

“I love fireworks. This is my favorite holiday ever,” Hogge said.

It’s a decision Hogge said was needed to make sure his community was safe from a potential fire.

“That big ranch next door is 200 acres. It could be across that 200 acres in 30 minutes because it’s just grass and then after that it’s hitting houses,” Hogge said.

Little did Hogge know the response he’d get from the community.

“My manager called, who’s my cousin, and said, ‘Hey, I need some help cause there’s already 30 people waiting and we don’t even open for 45 minutes,'” Hogge said.

One of those families waiting was The Barkers.

“We saw the post and we kind of thought that it could hurt his business, so we wanted to make sure that we came out to support local business,” Nick Barker said.

Even though there won’t be loud bright fireworks like in the past, Hogge said they’ve got everything they need with some music, beer, and a lot of red, white and blue.

Hogge said he won’t let those fireworks go to waste. He plans on using them on New Years or possibly after Central Texas gets a good rainfall.