TAYLOR, Texas (KXAN) — Construction starting in Taylor next week aims to beautify its downtown and make it more pedestrian friendly says the city’s Mayor.

The construction will begin November 7 and is slated to continue through spring of next year.

Among updating parking, landscaping and wayfinding signage, the project will bring a permanent streetscape to the northwest corner of the intersection of Main and Second streets in Taylor.

Mayor Brandt Rydell says roots of these improvements go as far back as 2016. According to a press release from the City of Taylor, funding was approved at a September meeting of the city council.

Improvements in Taylor go beyond beautification and repainting as Williamson County adapts its infrastructure to meet its growing population.

Rydell says the most notable difference after this project is complete will be the addition of more than 300 parking spaces around downtown. He says there are about 1,300 parking spots around this area currently, but they often go unnoticed to drivers.

“The problem is people don’t know where those spaces are. This will make it more obvious,” Rydell said.

These changes will start a few days after a Williamson County and TxDOT groundbreaking ceremony for a road-widening project on County Road 366 in Taylor.