CEDAR PARK, Texas (KXAN) — The Choco Taco is no more. Klondike said it is “reconsidering” a return for the novelty ice cream, but for Central Texas residents who don’t want to wait, there’s Taco Sweets.

The Cedar Park business began in 2017 when owners DeShawn and Jessica Scott started exploring ideas in 2017 for “something no one else was doing.” The two tried ice cream in burritos and on nachos, before landing on tacos. They started selling their creations from a trailer, before building up to a food truck.

Taco Sweets owner DeShawn Scott stands next to the Taco Sweets truck
Taco Sweets has a physical location, but owner DeShawn Scott takes the truck out for special events. (KXAN Photo/Cora Neas)

“We’re doing something different that no one else is doing. We sell it on that, and there really hasn’t been any competition,” DeShawn said. “I’m pretty Austin. I feel like if we were anywhere else, I don’t know that we’d have the success that we’ve had right away.”

Since 2021, the business has a home in Lakeline Mall, but they hope to expand the operation. DeShawn hopes one day it’ll grow into a franchise.

Two ice cream treats prepared in a waffle cone taco shell. They are in separate plastic boxes. The one on the left has pink ice cream, rainbow sprinkles, pastel marshmallows and blue syrup drizzled over it. On the right has a cookies and cream ice cream, cinnamon toast crunch, caramel drizzle and crushed oreo dust on top.
Two of Taco Sweet’s creations, Over the Rainbow (left) and The Cookie Monster (right). (KXAN Photos/Cora Neas)

Taco Sweets can absolutely make a Choco Taco-inspired creation from vanilla ice cream, honey roasted peanuts and chocolate syrup. But such a limited build isn’t enough for DeShawn or his customers.

“The sky’s the limit as far as toppings go. We make the waffle shell ourselves and have some proprietary recipes that we came up with,” DeShawn said.

He said the customer favorite is “The Cookie Monster” (cookies & cream ice cream, Cinnamon Toast Crunch, Oreos crumbles, caramel syrup and a cookie) with a close second in “The Cheesecake Paradox” (strawberry cheesecake ice cream, Nilla Wafers, strawberry syrup and crumbled Graham crackers).

DeShawn’s favorite? The Cookie Monster, but with buttered pecan ice cream substituted in place of the cookies and cream.