CEDAR PARK, Texas (KXAN) — The City of Cedar Park has started its Lakeline Boulevard Rehabilitation Project. The 90-day road repairs are being made to fix damage from the 2021 freeze and wear caused by increased traffic.

Once complete, the stretch of Lakeline Boulevard from Continental Pass to Cedar Hills Boulevard will be brand new. The southbound lanes are being reconstructed first, followed by the northbound lanes immediately after.

The main goal of the reconstruction project is to bring the damaged road up to standards better suited for weather and heavy traffic.

“We’re putting 16 inches depth of pavement, asphalt base and subgrade to make it a much, much more high quality road,” Jenny Huerta, spokesperson for the City of Cedar Park said.

Huerta said several road-construction projects are underway this summer to widen, renovate, and repair local roads. She said planning for construction now capitalized on reduced traffic with local schools out for the break.

“That extreme freezing and thawing really showed through the asphalt. It created some bumpiness and some just damage to the surface of the roadway that we’re fixing now,” Huerta said.

This project began May 30 and is set to be completed in 90 days. The cost is $1.95 million to be paid with a General Obligation Bond approved by voters in 2022.

Detours for neighbors around road project

With renovations already beginning on the southbound lanes of Lakeline Boulevard, blockades were put up to Lakeline Boulevard in the subdivisions that border the road.

Donald Stewart has lived in his home near the road since 2014. He said noise levels haven’t caused too much of a concern for him so far.

Stewart also operates his embroidery business DigiThread Art out of his home. While he has adjusted to the detours posed by construction, it’s still causing a learning curve for customers.

“One customer, his wife sent him over to pick up their batch of hats. He started to come in to regular way. We called him and got him on his GPS. He wound all around and finally found the right way to come in,” Stewart said.

Despite the occasional hiccup, Stewart said he’s looking forward to smoother roads ahead.

“It was pretty bumpy,” he said.