AUSTIN (KXAN) — The Lower Colorado River Authority is warning pet owners in the Austin area not to let their dogs drink from or swim in Lake Travis after four animals reportedly became sick.

The reports came in on Monday, said Clara Tuma in an email to KXAN.

The dogs became sick after swimming in the Hudson Bend area of Lake Travis. Tuma said the agency took water samples from the area on Monday afternoon. She said they are now being analyzed, and the LCRA expects to have results back by Thursday.

One dog owner is trying to warn others after she says her golden retriever, Hamilton, died over the weekend.

“They had been at the beach at Lake Travis, and as they were walking back to their car, he started not being able to walk,” said Crystalyn, who owns Regency Ranch Golden Retrievers.

The breeder and trainer says she tries to stay in touch with her “fur family” and Hamilton’s owner reached out to share her story.

“He ended up having a seizure going into respiratory distress and then cardiac arrest,” Crystalyn said.

Hamilton’s owner wanted Crystalyn to warn others.

“The main goal was to let other people know that this is happening and that there could be a danger,” Crystalyn said.

The LCRA has not yet confirmed Hamilton’s death with KXAN News but says out of an abundance of caution, people shouldn’t let their dogs swim in this area.

“The breed that I focus on are golden retrievers, which are water dogs. They love the water. And many, many, many of my owners and people who own the breed love to take them to large bodies of water.”

Crystalyn says she’s glad the agency is moving quickly to test the water and warn the public.

“I am extremely overwhelmed and happy that this information is getting out there,” she said.

There have not yet been any reports of dogs becoming ill after spending time in any other Lake Travis areas, the LCRA says.