CALDWELL COUNTY, Texas (KXAN) — Jurors delivered a guilty verdict on a manslaughter charge in the trial of Martindale resident Terry Turner, who had originally been charged with first-degree murder in the death of Adil Dghoughi.

In early October 2021, Turner shot and killed Dghoughi through his driver’s side window as he backed out of Turner’s driveway in Martindale, according to investigators. More than a week later, Turner turned himself in but bonded out of jail that same day.

According to testimony delivered during the trial this week, Turner woke in the middle of the night to use the bathroom when he noticed a car in his driveway, according to his attorneys.

They said he went outside to confront the driver, who would turn out to be Dghoughi. Turner’s attorneys said Dghoughi was parked toward the front of Turner’s driveway, the car partially hidden by a camping trailer.

“As he opens the door, he sees lights come on,” Turner’s attorneys said in opening arguments. “He thinks whoever is in that car has stolen something from him… and he’s yelling ‘stop.’”

According to Turner’s attorneys, Turner ran back inside, got his gun and approached Dghoughi as he was speeding off back out of the driveway, on Turner’s lawn.

Adrenaline running high, Turner’s attorneys said he continuously yelled for Dghoughi to stop.

“He thinks he sees movement and thinks a person is pointing a gun at him,” Turner’s attorneys said. “He thought he was about to die.”

From there, Turner’s attorneys said he called 911. In audio recordings played at the trial, Turner is heard telling the dispatcher he shot Dghoughi.

Turner admitted to the dispatcher he wasn’t certain Dghoughi had a gun, saying it was dark. Officials have since revealed that Dghoughi was unarmed.

Turner’s sentencing is scheduled for tomorrow in Caldwell County, officials said.