Editor’s Note: This article has been updated to reflect that Caldwell County commissioners formally voted to relocate the statue Tuesday, Aug. 11. A committee recommended to relocate the statue two weeks ago, before the official vote.

LOCKHART, Texas (KXAN) — On Tuesday, Aug. 11 Caldwell County commissioners officially voted to remove an almost century-old Confederate monument from its county courthouse lawn.

The monument was installed back in 1923, but it will now be moved to a museum along with a plaque to tell its history.

A committee was formed to discuss the statue, and two weeks ago, its recommendation was to relocate the statue. Now, commissioners have decided to follow that guidance.

In June, a group of Lockhart residents rallied at the courthouse to protest the monument. They gathered in honor of George Floyd and the Black Lives Matter movement.

Commissioners were supposed to make a decision on the monument previously, but were split and instead settled on forming the committee.

The monument was covered with a tarp after the rally, but the tarp was removed by an unknown person. A day later, the Caldwell County Sheriff’s Office says a noose was found hanging in Zion Church in Dale.