BASTROP, Texas (KXAN) — Central Texas is on high alert as wildfire season continues, but there are more dangers than just the fires.

Crews are working in extremely hot conditions, with temperatures well above 100 degrees.

The latest fire sparking up in Bastrop, burning more than 100 acres. Officials have said the fire was 98% contained as of Friday night.

”Man, we had so many planes and helicopters out here it sounded like Vietnam,” said Keith who lives across the street from where fire crews were fighting the fire.

The fire started Tuesday afternoon and by Wednesday it had more than doubled in size. Crews spent the afternoon putting out hotspots and responding to any fires that popped up again.

“I feel for the guys. They worked their butt off,” said Keith.

Walter Flocke with the Texas A&M Forest Service says Crews have to be careful in these hot conditions, especially when they are decked out in their protective gear, which can be very hot.

”Obviously, it does add to the burden of the heat, so that is why we really need to be careful to make sure our work-to-rest ratio is proper,” said Flocke.

There is an emergency Medical Task Force that is on the scene during these fires to monitor crews.

”Those crews drive around, and they have equipment to basically bring a mobile ambulance anywhere out here on the fire line,” said Flocke.

Crews hydrate at all times while fighting these fires and breaks are taken whenever needed.  

”We have air conditioning in these fire engines, in these bulldozers, so crews can get some break there,” said Flocke.

For community members living nearby, they say they are thankful for the men and women out fighting these fires.

“They saved us,” said Keith.

On Tuesday, the Texas A&M Forest Service says they responded to seven wildfires that burned almost 250 acres.