BASTROP COUNTY, Texas (KXAN) — Gunfire near a family farm in Bastrop County has resulted in stray bullets landing on the farm’s property, the owners said.

They asked us not to disclose the name of the farm for safety reasons. They’re worried someone could get hit when they invite kids to come see the animals. The sheriff’s office said it’s investigating the case.

Pointing at bullet hole
Lisa Schwartz points at bullet holes in her son’s trailer

“Your heart sunk,” said Lisa Schwartz, the farm’s owner. “Like, really? This is my home.”

She said she and her husband consistently hear gunfire, and they believe it’s coming from nearby properties. While it doesn’t always result in bullets reaching the farm, a few times is enough to have them unsettled.

Especially when one of the bullets almost hit their son, who lives in a trailer on site.

“It was so scary,” said Schwartz, as she showed us how the bullet came through the outside of the trailer, into the shower, and through the bathroom into the living room.

The sheriff’s office did not provide any further details on the investigation other than it’s “active.” Schwartz said investigators returned to the farm this week after KXAN called the sheriff’s office asking about the incident.

“And hopefully… I don’t know. I don’t know what to say. It’s scary,” said Schwartz.