BASTROP (KXAN) Those who vote in Bastrop County will soon see new ‘I Voted’ and ‘Future Voter’ stickers after casting their ballots.

This comes after the Bastrop County Elections Office held a sticker design contest for K-12 students.

The competition was stiff, with over 140 kids submitting a sticker sketch.

On Monday, the top ten winners in each category were honored in front of local leaders at the Bastrop County Commissioners Court meeting.

Winning design of Bastrop County’s “I Voted” sticker design competition, created by Smithville High School junior Sophia Royster.

With a unique design that featured a bluebonnet and quill, Smithville High junior Sophia Royster won Bastrop County’s first-ever “I Voted” sticker contest.

“We get to be a part of the process a little bit with this,” she said. “Even though we can’t vote, we still get to be involved in the process.”

In the younger kid category, Bluebonnet Elementary 2nd-grader Kyla Coleman took the top honors with a colorful design.

Winning design of Bastrop County’s “Future Voter” sticker design competition, created by Bluebonnet Elementary School 2nd-grader Kyla Coleman.

“Spring is here and I thought it was a good idea,” she said. “It actually only took me a few minutes to draw, I think.”

Additionally, Bastrop Middle School 7th-grader Avery Fobert finished second overall in the “I Voted” sticker contest. Third place went to Mateo Matinez, a sophomore homeschool student.

Additional top ten finalists included the following students:

  • Janiah Hughes, 7th Grade, Bastrop Middle School
  • Khloe Pietsch, 7th Grade, Smithville Junior High School
  • Kare Beakley, 6th Grade, Smithville Junior High School
  • Grace Hamilton, 11th Grade, Smithville High School
  • Stihl Gartman, 10th Grade, Smithville High School
  • Madeline Moore, 6th Grade, Smithville Junior High School
  • Brityn Roberts, 8th Grade, Smithville Junior High School

In the ‘Future Voter’ sticker competition, 3rd grade homeschool student Isaiah Mubasher claimed second place. Smithville Elementary 1st-grader Henley Duty finished third overall.

Other top ten finalists included:

  • Aubrey Gommert, 2nd Grade, Smithville Elementary  School
  • Autumn Bunker, 5th Grade, Cedar Creek Intermediate School
  • Aaron Owens, Kindergarten, Brown Primary
  • Juliana Borrego, 3rd Grade, Red Rock Elementary School
  • Layne Supak, 3rd Grade, Smithville Elementary  School
  • Caston Rector, 2nd Grade, Smithville Elementary School
  • Tyler Hargis, 5th Grade, Good Shepherd Lutheran School

Both of the winning sticker designs will be distributed to voters at all Early Voting and Election Day locations in Bastrop County throughout the 2023-2024 election cycle.

To view the winning designs, click here.