BASTROP COUNTY, Texas (KXAN) — Bastrop County Sheriff’s Office Deputy Sawyer Wilson is recovering after coming out of surgery Monday afternoon, according to Sheriff Maurice Cook.

Wilson was responding to a criminal mischief call in a nearby neighborhood when he noticed a vehicle at a gas station that matched the description of the car that was seen fleeing that disturbance.

Wilson approached the car, and began questioning the driver, suspect Michael Stark.

“[Wilson] found out that this person was a parole violator. And so there was a felony warrant for him for a burglary charge that had occurred in his county. He immediately was going through the process of notifying communications and whenever he was keying up his mic, you can actually hear on the mic, the shots that rang out from the driver,” Sheriff Cook explained Monday evening.

Wilson was shot several times, including once in the chest, which his vest protected him from. His forearm, however, was shattered by a bullet. He’s now recovering in an Austin hospital, Cook said.

“They repaired his arm. They put pins and plates in his arm. And the doctors are hopeful that he doesn’t have any nerve damage. So he’s rested well today, he’ll be in the hospital for four to five days,” Cook said.

The 100 Club of Central Texas is fundraising for Wilson’s family through its Critically Injured Fund. It’s used to help “ease some of this burden so Sawyer and his loved ones can focus on his recovery.” To donate, go to the 100 Club’s website.

Cook said Wilson tried to fire back at Stark, even with his forearm injury, but his aim wasn’t as accurate as usual. Stark then fled the scene on foot.

About 12 hours later, officers had stopped someone in a nearby neighborhood that matched Stark’s description. The man was not Stark, but told officers he had seen someone who looked like Stark walking along the road less than a mile away.

“[The officer] confronted him and put him on the ground, he asked his name, he gave a phony name. However, the deputy knew who he was because of [Stark’s] previous dealings, and he was able to take him into custody,” Cook said.

Stark is currently in jail on a $2 million bond that was reinstated for four previous charges, along with a no bond for his parole violation.

“Bond one is possession of cocaine, a first degree. We also have been charged with unlawful possession of the firearm by a felon. A bond was also set and revoked on a prohibited weapons charge. And we also have him charged with evading arrest or detention with a vehicle. So those are the four charges that are not new charges,” Cook explained.

Cook said Stark has not yet been charged with attempted capital murder for shooting at the deputy. The timeline for that depends on the investigation.

“Since this is an officer-involved shooting, there’s also an investigation to make sure that the deputy properly fired his weapon. We’ve asked the Texas Rangers because we always get a second opinion or second agency when we have officer-involved shootings,” Cook said.

Interestingly, Cook explained the vehicle Stark was stopped in ended up being unrelated to the car at the scene of the initial criminal mischief call.

“The black pickup that the deputy stopped that Stark was in…was not even the vehicle that we feel that was at the scene of the initial call,” Cook said.

Cook added that there were two other women in Stark’s car who he had picked up at the movie theater down the road, who were questioned but released.