AUSTIN (KXAN) — Have a seat with the stars for the first major award show happening in Austin.

When watching televised award shows, the venue where they are held may seem full of celebrities, but not everyone in the crowd is famous. The production companies behind these award shows need: seat fillers.

“Seat-fillers are volunteers whose purpose is to fill out the venue when the camera pans the audience,” the Hollywood Reporter said. “They don’t have to have any experience in acting, being an extra or a seat-filler.”

This doesn’t necessarily mean that you will be seated next to a celebrity but there’s a possibility and you could have fun and watch a free show.

Here’s how to become a seat filler at the CMT Music Awards

CMT released a number of opportunities for fans to be a part of the show including free tapings, the red carpet/ pre-show and seat fillers.

Fans must register ahead of time and follow the rules set by the production crew to be a part of the iconic show.

The 2023 CMT Awards are Sunday, April 2 at the Moody Center in Austin.