AUSTIN (Austin Business Journal) — Talent is Barbara Burton’s business. But much of that talent is disappearing, and Gen Z is a big part of that trend.

As Gen Z enters the workforce and the large baby boomer generation ages out of it, Burton, founder of recruitment firm Chalker Group, said the exchange will erase millions nationally from the workforce — a dynamic accelerated by the pandemic that led many older workers to retire sooner than they would have otherwise. 

Additionally, Gen Z is considerably smaller than its immediate predecessor. In the nation’s 100 largest metro areas, the size of Gen Z is about 3.6% smaller than the millennial generation — translating to gaps of at least 10,000 potential employees in 58 of those metros.

Experts say the one-two punch of these demographic shifts and reduced immigration add up to a looming workforce crisis for many businesses — and make it critical for employers to successfully recruit Gen Z. To this point, Burton said many companies are taking their eye off the ball.

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