AUSTIN (KXAN) — A scary situation for parents on Monday morning, as an armed man fired gunshots into a summer camp just outside Dallas.

Although 42-year-old Brandon Ned was swiftly killed by police before injuring anyone, it brought about even more questions about gun safety procedures.

This summer, the YMCA of Austin is hosting summer camps at 18 sights spread out across the city and serving an average of 1,100 kids each week.

Sarah Rinner, associate vice president for Austin YMCA’s out-of-school time and operations, helps run all these programs.

“The safety of the kids in our program is number one,” she said.

With plenty of parents worried about gun safety, the YMCA’s camps are conducting drills every week in order to keep kids safe.

“We’re always doing drills with every new group of campers,” Rinner said. “Anyone in our programs will know what to do and be familiar.”

Each of their lockdown drills is rapidly run with strict standards.

“We get every single camper in our program out of our buildings safely, orderly and with our staff having eyes on everyone in under three minutes,” Rinner said.

KXAN reached out to the Austin Parks & Recreation to find out if they’ve updated safety standards. The department’s occupational safety manager John Hollenbeck responded with the following statement.

“Austin Parks and Recreation provides active shooter awareness training to all staff.

Each community recreation center develops an emergency action plan covering various emergencies and it includes active attacker plans. Community recreation centers conduct drills twice a year including fire drills, lockdown drills, and lockout drills.”

To put parents’ worries at ease and allow kids to have fun in the sun, the YMCA of Austin also ensured that nobody can enter or exit their buildings without checking in.

“We’ve got eyes on doors, we’ve got eyes on kids,” Rinner said. “Really to ensure that we are upholding safety in our program.”

Along with weekly lockdown drills, the YMCA of Austin also conducts fire and emergency evacuation drills at its summer camps each week.