AUSTIN (KXAN) — Icy conditions have left highways and roads much too dangerous to travel on and that is having an impact on gas stations.

According to Paul Hardin, president of the Texas Food and Fuel Association, there have been very few fuel deliveries over the last few days because of the weather.

Hardin says because of these delays some gas stations could be running low on fuel and some could even be without fuel.

Hardin says the plan is to get fuel trucks moving again Wednesday, but that all depends on the road conditions and the safety of the drivers.

“Putting tanker trucks on the road or bob tails with fuel — our distributors can’t take the chance. It is one thing to slide in a vehicle a car or something, but when you are loaded with 9,000 gallons of fuel it is a different story,” Paul Hardin, Texas Food and Fuel Association CEO. “So, our folks are trying to stay as safe as possible for their employees and over the last few days there have been very few deliveries of fuel.”

Getting more gas than you need or filling up extra tanks could cause issues for other drivers hoping to fill up. Hardin suggests filling your tank up half way and not filling up extra tanks.

“Stick to your normal buying habits or when everyone is able to get out and about maybe don’t fully fill up,” said Hardin. “The system is designed to let people fill up once a week, not everybody on the same day. That could certainly create a problem and we just ask for patience from our fellow Texans.”

Hardin says there are about 800 gas stations in Austin and about 12,500 statewide that sell fuel.

Hardin says they are working to get fuel out to gas stations, but that all depends on when the roads are safe to drive on. They hoped to start getting trucks out delivering fuel at about noon on Wednesday.