AUSTIN (KXAN)– “I love music, and I love live music even more. I live in the best city for it,” said Amy Becker.

The native Austinite has grown up in the Live Music Capital of the World, and it shows– she’s got ticket stubs dating back to the 1990s.

“I have a long-standing rule– and my friends know this, that I never pass up an opportunity to see a legend,” she said.

Madonna fits that category.

“She’s the soundtrack of my generation,” Becker said. “She’s an icon.”

Xiang Gomez has been a fan since childhood.

“During elementary, I went to Las Vegas with my mother. So, I found this lunchbox,” Gomez showed KXAN’s Tahera Rahman, along with posters, books and other memorabilia.

Her prayer– along with Becker’s: To get tickets to the Material Girl’s Celebration Tour Stop in Austin.

“my goodness! Like, I have to make it work. I have to try and get a ticket or two,” Gomez said.

Madonna is next in a long line of big names to come to the Moody Center since it opened last year.

“It’s honestly become a situation where Austin is almost always in the conversation for these major tours,” said Michael Owens, Moody Center’s vice president of programming.

Owens said they worked on inroads in the industry for two years before the venue even opened.

“Telling the story about Austin and the live music capital of the world,” he said.

But with big names also comes big demand, and Becker worries getting into the groove might be difficult with Ticketmaster’s recent track record.

“There was some initial recoil for me when I immediately you know, put two and two together about moody center and Ticketmaster,” Becker said.

Becker had been selected for presale tickets for Swift’s Eras tour, only to be told after being in line for hours, that her Ticketmaster code wasn’t valid.

“Our final hope, which was the general sale, was then just cancelled completely, because they oversold on presale,” she recalled.

There are a handful of presale events scheduled for Madonna’s Celebration Tour before the public sale begins, which Becker sees as a bad sign.

“We have already seen that Ticketmaster can’t manage a presale,” she said.

Zach Anderson, president of Austin-based ticket resale platform TicketCity, doesn’t think Madonna fans should worry.

“I don’t think we’re gonna see demand that outstrips the capacity to the degree we saw with Taylor Swift,” he said.

He said they’ve seen traffic to Madonna’s portion of his site already go up by more than 7,000% since the tour was announced.

“But that even isn’t a fraction of what we’re seeing for demand on Morgan Wallen or Taylor Swift,” he said.

He said their Morgan Wallen ticket prices are the highest they’ve seen for any shows at the Moody Center, so far.

“The demand for that shows just been off the charts,” he said.

Anderson said he expects Madonna ticket demand and prices to be more similar to other stars at Moody recently, like Lizzo or Justin Bieber.

“I get how some people had scars from the Taylor Swift on sale. But I think that the reality situation is most on sales go off fairly seamlessly,” he said.

Owens said they have had shows sell out during presale, but he said that’s due to demand, not Ticketmaster.

He said they don’t plan to change their official ticketing partner.

“So far, all of the shows we put on sale at Moody Center have gone on without a hitch,” he said. “We expect that trend to continue.”

Becker said Ticketmaster’s monopoly on Moody Tickets– and the biggest musicians to come to Austin– are now a constant worry as she checks off her list of legends in Austin.

“It’s really frustrating as a music lover,” she said.