AUSTIN (KXAN) — In need of medical care at the airport? EMS personnel can help without making you leave the terminal.

Austin-Travis County EMS has had a team staged past security at the Austin-Bergstrom International Airport for about six months.

Before this program started, if someone needed medical help at the airport, EMS would typically have to send an ambulance.

In the past three months, ATCEMS said it has helped about 450 patients at the airport, which means about 450 times EMS could administer medical care without tying up an ambulance in the field.

ATCEMS EMT Division Chief Stephen White spoke on how the paramedics assist at the airport.

“Now because we have paramedics in the airport, the ambulances are more available to run requests out in the county and in southeast Austin,” White said.

If airport medics determine a patient needs more serious medical care, they still take them to the hospital.

The agency is still in the process of building its mini station inside the airport, which officials said should be done soon.