AUSTIN (KXAN) — Since 2019, the city of Austin has been working toward constructing and staffing five fire and EMS stations within a six-year timeframe. On Friday, officials updated council members on the latest status of the project, which includes two projects at or near completion.

Del Valle/Moore’s Crossing Station

The Del Valle and Moore’s Crossing Station project is finalized, with construction and all additional requests completed. The station is located at 7019 Elroy Road, Del Valle.

Travis Country Station

The Travis Country Station, at 5410 Hwy. 290, specializes in the Travis Country and Sunset Valley areas of southwest Austin. Per city officials, construction is complete and the station is currently operating under its warranty phase — a timeframe where the contractor is still liable for any necessary repairs or replacements needed. The project leads are working alongside the contractor to finalize remaining open warranty concerns.

Loop 360/Davenport Station

The Loop 360 and Davenport Station is in the works at 4601 Westlake Drive, with Austin City Council approving the property lease in January “with the understanding that Council be better apprised of any future property negotiations,” per the memo.

Citing added community outreach and site conditions, construction is expected to wrap up in March 2023.

Goodnight Ranch Station

Design work on the Goodnight Ranch Station has begun, with the site permit package currently under review. Construction is on track to begin in June “pending a positive financial forecast” to fund related operational expenses, the memo added.

A public meeting is in the works for this spring or early summer, according to the memo.

Canyon Creek/620 Station

A shared site design between the Austin Police Department facility is approaching its completion, while the Austin Fire Department and EMS station design work is expected to begin in June.

Work plans are being created which could allow for an earlier construction start date and “account for sensitive protective wildlife habitat,” per the memo.