AUSTIN (KXAN) — CapMetro services will continue as normal in both Manor and Lago Vista, after the majority of each cities’ voters opted to stick with the transit authority and not forego services. Nearly 79% of Manor and approximately 55% of Lago Vista voters elected to stay with CapMetro.

This November’s two propositions came just months after Leander voters considered a similar measure in May, ultimately deciding to stay within CapMetro’s service scope. Jeffrey Travillion, CapMetro’s board chair, told KXAN Tuesday night’s voting results confirm the desire for public transit access in the greater Central Texas region.

“People because of affordability live out of town and need to make it back into town to work, need to make it to health clinics — there’s not as many clinics on the outskirts as there ought to be,” Travillion said. “We also need access to grocery stores and trying to get to our children’s schools and activities. So we were very pleased that the people who use the service voted to keep the service.”

Currently, member cities in CapMetro’s service scope pay 1% of sales tax revenue to the transit authority for its services. As the region has seen massive population booms, Travillion said some of these smaller cities have had to weigh out economic development opportunities and how cities will use their sales tax revenue.

“As we plan to go forward, we understand what the development needs and the development opportunities are in smaller cities. So that’s critical for us as it is for them,” he said. “And we feel that public transit is an economic engine, and we want to make sure that that community is served as well as we can possibly serve it.”

One of CapMetro’s incentives to smaller member cities is its Build Central Texas program, a measure to help build transit-supportive infrastructure in these communities. Last fiscal year, CapMetro provided $10 million to its small member cities, with more than $1 million allocated to Manor and over $129,000 to Lago Vista.

In a statement released late Tuesday, CapMetro officials said the agency was eager to continue its partnerships with both communities.

“CapMetro is eager to continue serving residents within both cities, as we recognize how vital these partnerships are to connecting customers across the Central Texas region,” the statement read in part.

In Travillion’s other capacity as a Travis County commissioner, he also noted the county’s transit development plan which identifies smaller Central Texas communities where pickup services can be a valuable resource for residents.

“It is important to recognize that a lot of people are being displaced from the city — they can’t afford to live there anymore,” he said. “And many of them are being displaced into areas that don’t have full grocery services, that don’t have recreation. And this gives us an opportunity to work with our community groups, to work with our local governments and make sure that we’re beginning to address those needs.”

Following Tuesday’s vote, CapMetro services in Manor and Lago Vista will continue as normal. Manor services include the Route 990 Manor/Elgin Express and the Manor Pickup, while Lago Vista’s CapMetro services include the Route 214 Northwest Feeder and the Lago Vista Pickup.

Neither city can put the same proposition on another city ballot for five years.