Austin (KXAN) — The City of Austin’s Watershed Protection Department said it is looking out for pollutants and debris that may be washed into local creeks by heavy rain this weekend.

Thain Maurer, environmental compliance supervisor, said common pollutants his department sees after rain events include sewage, E.coli, and oil.

He says the highest amounts of those contaminants usually take place the first couple days after the rain passes through.

Watershed Protection field crews are prepared to stay busy the next few days, ready to clear fallen trees and branches out of culverts.

Maurer said his department focuses on water quality, which often assess water after the rain falls for any hazardous changes.

He said locals can take steps to help limit how many contaminants run off into Austin’s creeks.

“A large percentage of the residents of Austin have vehicles and some of those are going to be leaking. If they’re leaking onto a roadway, it will quite likely wash away. And so we encourage people to just put down a little bit of piece of cardboard or a little bit of absorbent to soak up that oil,” Maurer said.

Maurer said residents that spot water contaminants or drain-blocking drainage can report them through the department’s hotline at 512-974-2550.