AUSTIN (KXAN) — We Are Blood said it’s been experiencing a long-term blood donation shortage since October.

A spokesperson for the blood bank said there are a few reasons that’s happening. He said there is always a shortage in blood donations during the holiday season, because people are busy with travel and holiday commitments.

But he also said an increase in car crashes and shootings means more people need blood transfusions, and We Are Blood is struggling to keep up.

“Week in and week out, we need to ask for help from other blood communities across Texas and the country to help import donations, so we can meet the need of local patients. And that happens when we don’t have enough donations coming in here locally,” said Vice President of Community Engagement Nick Canedo.

He said looking to other communities for help is unreliable, because they are also experiencing similar blood shortages.

Canedo said the pandemic is another reason fewer people are donating. Learn how you can donate on We Are Blood’s website.