AUSTIN (KXAN) — Since 2002, “Austin Woman” magazine has celebrated the women of Central Texas “who believe no dream is too big.” 

From Lady Bird Johnson and Camila Alves McConaughey to Brooklyn Decker and Lisa Su, the magazine continues to amplify the voices of women who are uplifting their communities. For the past 20 years, founder Melinda Garvey has held true to her mission of giving a voice to women in and around Austin.   

“I have served as the face and leader of ‘Austin Woman’ magazine by celebrating and showcasing the unique and diverse female leaders in our community,” Garvey said. “As we enter this new decade of the company’s future, I felt it was the right time for me to move on from the day-to-day operations of ‘Austin Woman’ magazine.” 

Garvey will step down as CEO effective Jan. 1, and Shuronda Robinson, founder of Adisa Communications, will be the new CEO. Robinson is a former journalist and newspaper editor. 

“I’m honored to step into the role of the CEO of ‘Austin Woman’ magazine,” Robinson said. “Over the past 20 years, Melinda has done an amazing job creating a platform to uplift businesswomen in our community. I am excited to step into this new role to continue the legacy of inclusion that Melinda has established and take it to the next level.” 

New ownership

In addition to a new CEO, the magazine will move from a single-owner model to a multiple-owner model. 

“This new leadership structure allows me to realize the huge growth potential of the organization while at the same time ensuring the magazine continues its legacy of inclusion and empowering our diverse local female leaders,” Garvey explained. “I’ve invited not only one single owner to lead the magazine’s vision but, so far, seven diverse, accomplished Austin community leaders who will help take the magazine to the next level and continue that legacy of inclusion.”  

Garvey said the ownership structure allows for ten equal owners, and they will continue looking for two additional owners that meet their diversity and business strategy. 

The new leadership and ownership team of Austin Woman Magazine: 

  • Shuronda Robinson will serve as the new CEO of Austin Woman magazine. 
  • Melinda Garvey will serve as the first Chairwoman of the Board. 

The new owners of Austin Woman magazine, in addition to Melinda Garvey, will be: 

  • Shuronda Robinson, Founder, and CEO of Adisa Communications 
  • Lana Macrum, Managing Director, JP Morgan Chase Private Bank 
  • Lynelle McKay, Community Advocate, former CEO of Girl Scouts Central Texas 
  • Terry P. Mitchell, Co-founder of The Black Leaders Collective and Serial entrepreneur 
  • Gretel Perera, Director of Public Relations for Expedia Brands, Americas, Expedia Group 
  • Ana Ruelas, Owner and Managing Partner, The Agency 
  • Neha Sampat, Founder and CEO, Contentstack

KXAN’s Jennifer Sanders spoke to both Garvey and Robinson about the path forward and how this new business structure can serve as a model for not only companies in Texas, but around the country. Watch the interview above.