AUSTIN (KXAN) — The City of Austin is asking for feedback on its draft Zilker Park vision plan. The deadline to share your thoughts is Jan. 8.

The 350-acre park is a special spot for many, including Austin native Quin Aldredge who was working out at the park.

“It’s been such an essential part of my life here in Austin and I hope it stays that way. I love it,” he said.

But the park could look much different moving forward. The draft Zilker Park vision plan includes an underground parking garage and a skybridge over Barton Springs Road. Aldredge says updates to the park are needed.

“It’s quite the pain to have to traverse such a busy road as Barton Springs,” he said. Aldredge noted there are only bathrooms on one side of the road, which forces people to cross over.

But people at the park also said they want the space to keep its Zilker Park charm.

“My biggest concern is it will become super commercialized,” Haylee Lavender said.

Groups like the Barton Springs Conservancy are also weighing in. It said, overall, it likes the direction of the plan, but it has concerns about some elements, like the future of Barton Springs Road.

“I know there’s a lot of folks who are looking very closely at… should it be reduced to one lane, should there be parallel parking along Barton Springs and that’s a big conversation that I think will impact people whether they’re stopping in the park or not,” Council Member Paige Ellis, whose district covers Zilker Park, said.

As far as when the plan could become a reality, Ellis said this is just a vision plan, and funding hasn’t been allocated toward any of the projects.

You can find the survey here.