AUSTIN (KXAN) — Waller Creek gets a makeover. On Wednesday the Waller Creek Conservancy unveiled their long-awaited project, Waterloo Greenway.

The project, also known as Waller Creek Park or the Waller Creek Chain of Parks, includes restorations to the lower Waller Creek area, new bike and pedestrian trails, re-imagined existing parkland, and new green space added to downtown Austin. 

The project official broke ground in 2017, and phase one, Waterloo Park which includes the Moody Amphitheater, will open in 2020. The greenway will be a 35-acre park system that runs along downtown’s eastern edge from Lady Bird Lake to 15 street. 

The conservancy was founded in 2010, and the project was designed by Bruce Mau Design.

“It’s an honor to work on a project that will profoundly impact a city as thriving and evolving as Austin,” Tom Keogh, Managing Director of Bruce Mau Design, said. “Our hope is that those who interact with Waterloo Greenway will feel inspired by the unexpected mix of natural and cultural delights found amidst a bustling urban setting.” 

August 22 was declared Waterloo Greenway Day and was observed for the first time Thursday at the city council meeting to celebrate the completion of the project. 

“This park and what it represents extends far beyond you and me,” Mayor Steve Adler said. “It is timeless – a legacy that will endure for our children and our children’s children. What Central Park is for New York City, Waterloo Greenway will be for Austin.”