AUSTIN (KXAN) — Practice for golfers at Vista Ridge High School was canceled for two days earlier this week after the team was exposed to an “inappropriate situation” at Avery Ranch Golf Course, where practice is held, according to the head golf coach.

After receiving emails from parents about “an adult golf tournament” at the course at the same time Vista Ridge was practicing on Monday, KXAN reached out to the high school and the golf club for information.

KXAN has not received a response from Avery Ranch, but this story will be updated when the club replies.

Keith Allen, VRHS’s athletic coordinator and head golf coach, sent KXAN the letter they sent to parents, saying the situation was “very inappropriate” and said some of the golfers witnessed “lewd” behavior.

Allen said Vista Ridge golf coaches had no prior knowledge of the event, and practice was immediately canceled. All the players were instructed to contact their parents to pick them up, according to Allen.

Tuesday’s practice at the golf course was canceled as well, and players were encouraged to work out with the basketball team or have a study hall instead.

Vista Ridge tried contacting Avery Ranch management Monday evening and they did not respond, Allen said.

However, Tuesday morning, Allen and Jonathan Lamb, Vista Ridge’s athletic director, spoke with leadership from the golf club, according to a letter sent to parents. The letter said Avery Ranch’s owner/general manager Adam Owen said he wasn’t aware that any inappropriate actions would happen, and he doesn’t condone inappropriate actions.

Owen told Allen and Lamb that Avery Ranch would not host the group that’s accused of the inappropriate actions again.

Allen said in a statement to the students on the golf team and their parents that VRHS has had a “20-year positive working relationship with Avery Ranch,” and the golf club is “very apologetic” and assured the high school it would do better to protect the school’s golfers in the future.

We are sorry this happened and appreciate your support as we work to restore trust with our players and families. What occurred yesterday is not acceptable and we will work closely with Avery Ranch to ensure this never happens again.

Keith Allen, VRHS Athletic Coordinator and Head Golf Coach

Yellow Rose, the night club that played the golf tournament at Avery Ranch on Monday, posted a statement on its Facebook page. The post said in part that the tournament is an annual charity event hosted by Avery Ranch that has been done for the last four years.

“Avery Ranch is a private golf course and The Yellow Rose rents the entire course for the whole day,” the post read. “This tournament was no different than any previous tournament. This is a tournament for adults and no children were allowed on the course at any time while it was being played. The high school golfers were only on the driving range not the actual course. This is an area our marshals did not and were not supposed to supervise.”

Yellow Rose also wrote in the post that it were unaware there was a high school practice scheduled during the same time of the tournament. It also said that Yellow Rose hasn’t received any reports of “lewd behavior” from Avery Ranch, the course marshals, or guests of Yellow Rose.

“If somebody saw something they deemed offensive The Yellow Rose sincerely apologizes. This was supposed to be a private event,” Yellow Rose said at the conclusion of the post.