AUSTIN (KXAN) — Three University of Texas at Austin students will show what they know in a new Jeopardy! tournament that starts this week. 

But this won’t be their first time on the show. Jeopardy! said it’s bringing back now-college students and graduates who appeared on the show’s high school tournament four years ago. 

The 14-day “High School Reunion” tournament has a $100,000 grand prize and will move on to the Jeopardy! Tournament of Champions. 

More UT students have appeared — and won — on the show in recent years. Last February, then-UT senior Jaskaran Singh won the 2022 National College Championship. Singh won $250,000 in the championship, and last appeared in November in the Tournament of Champions quarterfinal.

In 2020, Marshall Comeaux appeared on the show’s Jeopardy! College Championship and made it into the semifinals, winning $10,000.

Here’s more about the local competitors and when to watch them:

Tuesday, Feb. 21: Alison Purcell

The UT senior hails from Bellaire, Texas. Purcell will compete against Stanford and Northwestern seniors. In 2019, Purcell made it to the tournament’s quarterfinal, according to Jeopardy!.

Monday, Feb. 27: Rohan Kapileshwari

The UT senior is originally from Winston-Salem, North Carolina. Kapileshwari will compete against a Yale University student and a Cornell University grad.

In 2018, Kapileshwari made it to the tournament’s quarterfinal, according to Jeopardy!.

Tuesday, Feb. 28: Anish Maddipoti

The UT junior went to Westwood High School. Maddipoti will face students from Yale University and Indiana University-Bloomington. 

In 2018, Maddipoti made it to the tournament’s quarterfinal, according to Jeopardy!. KXAN spoke to the student in 2018. He said going on Jeopardy! was his goal since age six.

“To be honest, you can’t really study for Jeopardy! two to three weeks before the competition. Basically, it’s just a lifetime of knowledge you’ve gained,” Maddipoti told KXAN in 2018.

The tournament starts Monday at 3:30 p.m. on KXAN. Tune into channel 54.5 to watch.