AUSTIN (KXAN) — The University of Texas at Austin will no longer notify entire classes if someone in the class is confirmed to have COVID-19.

University health leaders announced the change in a letter Thursday, saying it will still notify those considered close contacts of the person with COVID-19 and investigate to find out where the person was while they were infectious.

Health leaders said the information shared in these notifications of entire classes was often a repeat of guidance shared with everyone “regardless of exposure.” It decided to focus on close contacts and “continue to do robust contact tracing.”

“The resources currently expended on notification letters can be diverted to activities such as contact tracing and increasing testing capacity on campus,” the letter said. “Our best recommendations are to get vaccinated, mask up and test regularly using the Proactive Community Testing program – twice weekly for those who work or learn in settings that put them at increased risk, engage in activities such as singing or playing a musical instrument, or are unvaccinated – and once weekly for all others.”

The letter was signed by Terrance Hines, M.D., the executive director and chief medical officer with UT health services, and Amy Young, M.D., the vice dean of professional practice and Dell Medical School chief clinical officer.