AUSTIN (KXAN) — The Longhorn football team opened their season with a win over the University of Louisiana at Monroe on Saturday.

“Definitely full, people were excited,” said University of Texas student, Anne Reckart.

While the stands filled up with fans eager for the game, concession stand lines filled up as well. Some fans told KXAN some of the concession stands were also running out of food before and during the game.

“At halftime, my friends went to go get food and they said there was only one hotdog left,” said a student who went to the game.

“We did go to one of the pizza stands, and they ran out of pizza,” said UT fan Paul Carr. “We went around to some other concession stands and nobody had any food. It was long lines everywhere and they were out of everything.”

With Alabama coming to town next weekend, those lines could get longer.

“I am going to prepare and eat before the game, and I don’t really plan on eating at the stadium because the lines are too long and they do run out of food sometimes,” said Senior Tyler Friedeck.

The University of Texas told KXAN they are “aware and addressing” the issue.

“I am going again Saturday, and I think they will have everything worked out,” said Carr.