AUSTIN (KXAN) — A contract employee who works at the Texas Athletics Nutritional Center has been accused of sexually assaulting a student worker, according to a court document released Thursday.

A search warrant filed April 21 said an assault happened at the center, which is located at the North Endzone of the UT football stadium. The warrant was for a DNA sample from the suspect.

According to the warrant, the sexual assault happened on March 31. The victim, a UT student, accused an employee of the assault. KXAN is not naming the employee, because that person has not been formally charged.

The assault was reported to University of Texas police on April 6.

KXAN reached out to the suspect, suspect’s employer, UTPD and Austin Police Department for information. Austin police said it was not called to investigate the case.

According to the warrant, the student was at an event on March 31 with a friend when the suspect invited the student to another floor in the building to drink alcohol. The student and their friend joined the person, as well as another TANC employee. After a while, all four left and returned to the event.

The warrant said a short while later, the suspect asked if the student and their friend wanted to drink more. The three returned to the previous floor and begin drinking again. The warrant said the suspect told the two students they needed to stay on that floor until everyone in the TANC left “because everyone else would know what happened.”

The student told the suspect they were ready to go just after 11:30 p.m. The warrant said the suspect told the student the two of them should go one way, and the friend should go another. According to the warrant, while the student and suspect were walking to an elevator, the suspect pulled the student into a room and began grabbing and kissing them. The student pulled away and told them “No.” The student told police the suspect blocked the door and would not stop kissing the student.

The student was able to get away from the suspect and move toward the door, the warrant said. The two left the room and returned to the original floor.

As the two walked back to the TANC, the student told police the employee pulled the student into a single-occupancy bathroom and began kissing the student again, despite the student telling the employee “No.” The warrant said the student recalled the suspect telling them “this has been a long time coming.”

The warrant said the suspect sexually assaulted the student in the bathroom. The student was allowed to leave the bathroom and returned to the TANC to grab their belongings and ran out.

A SAFE exam was conducted on the student. That type of examination collects evidence following a sexual assault. The warrant requested a saliva sample from the employee.

The warrant affidavit stated UTPD believes the suspect committed sexual assault and unlawful restraint, but charges have not been formally filed.

This is a developing story and KXAN will update it as we receive new information.