AUSTIN (KXAN) — The fall semester started on the University of Texas at Austin campus Wednesday, and for the first time since March 30, some classes will be held in-person.

The threat of the coronavirus pandemic brought UT classes online in the spring, and now the university is launching into a mix of online and in-person instruction.

It will be a semester of many unprecedented experiences for the UT community, from operating on a campus where face coverings are required indoors to trying to build a sense of community when in-person events are largely limited to 10 participants.

Some students say they still want the school to close.

“The best scenario right now would be to just close campus as a preventive measure,” said student Vinit Shah. “If you were to do it now, there would be severely and significantly less disruption to student life versus doing it two or three weeks down the road when cases actually do increase.”

The university has launched an app to help students track their symptoms and enter COVID-19 test results.