AUSTIN (KXAN) — The University of Texas released a statement on Monday addressing recent allegations that Dan Welcher, a professor at UT’s Butler School of Music, sexually harassed students.

Welcher has not been officially charged in relation to any allegations.

In the statement from Mary Ellen Poole, director the Butler School, the University says, in part:

“The first important step is to assure you, tonight, that Dan Welcher will not be returning to the Butler School except to clean out his office. He will not be teaching composition lessons next semester …. The concert of Welcher’s music scheduled for February 9 is cancelled.”

Poole also explained that Welcher’s students would be reassigned to other professors.

In addition to Welcher’s immediate dismissal, the school dean has been asked to open a full investigation on Welcher’s conduct.

In the statement, the school continued with a plea — and links to resources — for students to report sexual discrimination.

In a Tuesday statement to KXAN, UT spokesperson Shilpa Bakre said:

“As soon as The University learned about the recent allegations surrounding Professor Welcher, swift action was taken to refer the alleged wrong doing to the appropriate University offices for review. Professor Welcher is prohibited from any contact with students until the matter is resolved.”