AUSTIN (KXAN) — Students at the University of Texas at Austin may be missing a familiar sight: a bright white squirrel who often spent time near the Gates Dell Complex and the W.R. Woolrich Labs. 

As first reported this week in the Daily Texan, Snowpea the squirrel sadly passed away Nov. 11. Marie Romano, curator of the Facebook and Instagram pages for Squirrels of UT, told the student paper she most likely fell from a tree. Snowpea had a litter which is currently roaming around the university.

Romano photographed and documented the squirrels that live on campus as a student. She graduated in 2016.

A UT professor told the Daily Texan that while many people believed Snowpea was an albino fox squirrel, she actually was likely leucistic, which causes low melanin production and gives animals a blonde appearance.