Editor’s Note: The video above shows KXAN Live’s top headlines for Aug. 7, 2023

AUSTIN (KXAN) — An update on the status of addressing air conditioning problems in more than a dozen Austin Fire Department vehicles is expected at Monday’s Public Safety Committee meeting.

Last month, Council Member Mackenzie Kelly took to social media and submitted a memorandum to Interim City Manager Jesús Garza asking for a prompt fix to the vehicles that lack AC.

The memo also detailed which trucks had non-functional AC systems at the time.

Kelly requested that Garza come to the Public Safety Committee meeting on Aug. 7 and present a “comprehensive report on the steps taken to address this issue.”

Days after Kelly submitted the memo, the city said it would undertake several initiatives to reduce the number of AFD vehicles without air conditioning in the future. 

Jennifer Walls, the Director of the Fleet Mobility Services Department, submitted a memo to the mayor and city council Wednesday saying Fleet Services was coordinating with AFD to repair the malfunctioning fleet while ensuring enough of the fleet remains available for community needs. 

Walls said, at the time, 17 of the around 100 frontline and reserve fire vehicles were still operating without proper air conditioning. She also outlined the initiatives Fleet Services would be implementing to avoid future air conditioning issues.

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