AUSTIN (KXAN) — One viewer told KXAN that a section of Mopac Expressway near Scofield Ridge Parkway is sagging and crumbling.

The viewer said she first noticed the issue in the area when traveling along the highway in the right-hand lane, and there was a “noticeable dip.” Once taking a closer look, she noticed rebar sticking out, missing bricks and what appeared to be concrete walls stacked up against the wall of the highway for support.

Texas Department of Transportation officials said they have plans to repair the wall.

The transportation agency said there was “soil movement in the area” which “caused the wall to shift.” The transportation agency said while this is uncommon, drivers should not worry, because it is not an “immediate safety concern.”

In the meantime, TxDOT crews placed concrete barriers at the foot of the wall to prevent it from moving anymore. Crews also used sealant to keep moisture out until they can begin work to permanently address the issue.

At this time, TxDOT does not have a date set for when the repair project will begin, but it will consist of installing additional anchors.

Just last fall, TxDOT had to investigate a similar issue along State Highway 45 and the U.S. 183 frontage bridge. There, TxDOT reported the header slope of the bridge — which helps secure soil and keep it in place — had sustained damages. Construction on bridge improvements is expected to begin in the fall. 

To report damages seen on bridges and other roadway infrastructure, drivers are asked to contact TxDOT through its online damage claims system.