AUSTIN (KXAN) —  Two men face aggravated sexual assault charges after police say they raped a woman on Dec. 21 at Davis White Northeast Park in east Austin.

According to an affidavit, police say 59-year old David Green and 19-year old Kyle Kenoski raped a woman in the park. They began a conversation with her while she was sitting on a bench after a fight with her boyfriend. Police say Green then came up behind her, grabbed her hair and put a knife to her throat. At one point during the assault, according to the affidavit, he also tied a cord around her neck.

After the incident, she met with her boyfriend and called 9-1-1. Her boyfriend then scoured the area for the two men and met someone who knew them and identified Green and Kenoski by Facebook photos. Green is believed to be homeless. Kenoski is believed to be from Houston, attended Manor High School, and recently served time in jail for assault, according to the affidavit.

The men are in custody.

The crime made an impression on sex-crime Detective Evonne McGuire.

“This is… not a common type of sexual assault,” said Detective McGuire,”This was a very violent sexual assault.”

The woman went through a sexual assault DNA exam that night, leading to a lengthy search for the men. With other sexual assaults in the past near the same area, police leave the door open for these to be the same perpetrators.

“We are actively looking at other crimes. We are comparing MOs and making sure everything is being investigated and being looked at very very thoroughly,” said McGuire.

But for such a serious crime, why so long to track the two men down? 

“I can’t go into details of the investigation because it is an ongoing investigation,” said McGuire when asked by KXAN.

Less than a mile from that park- the body of a naked woman was found by a biker. It was in a wooded area along Ed Bluestein Boulevard- south of Manor Road on Monday.

She’s now identified as 23-year-old Nicole Coleman. Her death has been ruled a homicide. Police say she had obvious trauma but they aren’t saying how she died- because they’re still investigating.