AUSTIN (KXAN) — Twin boys who underwent a historic surgery in utero in December at Dell Children’s Medical Center were born earlier this month.

Yadier and Yasiel were delivered on March 12 to Cedar Park mom Jeanette Becerra, 26, according to Ascension Texas. They were born at Dell Children’s Specialized Delivery Unit.

  • Mom Jeanette Becerra, 26, her boyfriend and her newborn twin boys. Before being delivered, the twins had to undergo a laser surgery in utero to correct twin-to-twin transfusion syndrome at Dell Children's.
  • Yasiel and Yadier were delivered on March 12 to Cedar Park mom Jeanette Becerra, 26, after receiving in utero surgery at Dell Children's in December.

The twins were diagnosed with twin-to-twin transfusion syndrome, a rare disorder that occurs when there’s an unequal sharing of blood between the babies. Becerra was referred to the Comprehensive Fetal Care Center at Dell Children’s in early December, after it was learned one of her twins wasn’t getting enough blood.

The laser surgery to correct the condition was the first of its kind for Dell Children’s. Dr. Michael Bebbington, who led the surgical team, told KXAN in January this care is important for mothers in the area, because otherwise they would have to travel to Dallas, Houston or even out of state to get treatment. 

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“I’m so thankful to the team at Dell Children’s and blessed with the arrival of my baby boys,” said new mom Jeanette Becerra in a press release.

Yadier weighed 5 pounds, and Yasiel weighed 2.5 pounds at birth, and both babies are thriving.