AUSTIN (KXAN) — Like many other colleges and universities, St. Edward’s University held its graduation on Saturday. One of the students who graduated is Luke Tobias from San Antonio. His twin brother, Ethan, will be graduating in the fall following a heavy course load.

It’s not unusual for twins to graduate during the same year, but these two bring something more to their college curriculum. They are committed to reducing the carbon footprint to help preserve and protect our environment.

Luke’s commitment went as far as starting a garden on campus to help fellow students learn how to grow their own food. He said the garden was laden with weeds and tall grass before he got involved in making it a food-producing source. He said he had the complete backing of the school’s administration.

Ethan’s work not only helped sustainability efforts at St. Edward’s but the City of Austin, as well. He served on a couple of commissions, most notably one that teaches colleges and universities, and other organizations the need to reuse.

What made the graduation exercises special for the brothers is that Ethan was on stage to watch his brother accept his diploma, walk across the stage and give him a hug.