TRAVIS COUNTY, Texas (KXAN) — A Travis County grand jury finished its review involving five Austin Police Department officers in a May 2022 deadly use-of-force shooting, according to a news release from the Travis County District Attorney’s Office.

Those officers were identified as Derek Baroody, Travis Buck, Antonio Camps, Jennifer Perez Molina and Andrew Klinger. The grand jury did not return an indictment for the officers, according to the release.

On May 26, 2022, officers were dispatched to the area of Faro Drive and Crossing Place in response to a man with a gun, the release said.

Officers found the 911 caller, Robert Hammitt, at 1500 Crossing Pl., the release said. Hammitt previously reported to 911 dispatch he was surrounded by law enforcement and the National Guard and a man was pointing a gun at him, the release said.

Officers verbally contacted Hammitt, who was sitting in the driver’s side of a truck. Officers told Hammitt to leave his hands outside the truck window and get out of the truck. However, he discharged his firearm in the direction of the officers, according to the release.

The officers ran for cover and fired back in the direction of the truck, the release said. As the truck rolled backward, officers fired again and asked Hammitt to get out of the truck so they could help him and provide medical aid.

Hammitt did not respond to instructions, and he was “subsequently removed” from his truck, the release said. APD and EMS attempted life-saving measures on Hammitt but were not successful.

Hammitt was pronounced dead at the scene, according to officials.

“The District Attorney’s office takes the work of presenting all facts and evidence to a grand jury very seriously,” said Travis County District Attorney José Garza. “In this case, an independent group of members of the Travis County community heard the evidence and law and decided that Officers Baroody’s, Buck’s, Camp’s, Molina’s, and Klinger’s conduct was not unlawful.”

Since January 2021, 74 cases against police officers were presented to the grand jury, including this one. Additionally, 43 number of times, the grand jury has returned a no true bill.