AUSTIN (KXAN/NBC) — Many people have felt that unwelcome and all-too-familiar feeling this time of year: sneezing, sniffling, itchy eyes and more. However, there are a number of home hacks that can help provide some relief.

People can turn to over-the-counter medicine like Allegra or Flonase, but there are also simple steps they can take to reduce their exposure to those allergens that make them feel awful, according to Dr. Osman Dokmeci, an allergist with the University of New Mexico:

  • Take a shower after spending time outside
  • Put belongings like coats and bags in a closet and close the door
  • Vacuum carpets regularly
  • Clean bedrooms (including dusting areas like ceiling fans)
  • Bathe animals that spend time outside — or consider just rinsing them off

Allergy sufferers can work with their doctors to determine what they’re allergic to and the best course of action to take to address individual symptoms.