AUSTIN (KXAN) — Three Austin Police officers have been temporarily suspended for failing to adhere to various department policies.

According to disciplinary memos released by the city, Officer Robert Brady, Sgt. Sandra Barnes and Cpl. Richard Parslow were all suspended over the past three weeks.

Officer Brady was suspended for 90 days after confronting a 14-year-old boy while off duty, according to the memo. The boy told police he had taken a package from a front porch as a dare, then was approached and confronted by a neighbor, later identified as Brady. The boy sustained minor injuries.

The memo states Brady admitted that he violated department policy, and said that he “should have called uniformed officers to handle the theft and once I identified the suspect, I should have called unformed officers to identify the suspect.”

Brady’s suspension began on May 21 and runs through Aug. 18.

Cpl. Parslow was suspended for 60 days for failing to respond to high-priority calls as backup in a timely manner, according to his disciplinary memo.

On Dec. 12, 2021, officers were dispatched to a “Check Welfare Urgent” call on South Congress Avenue. At the time, Parslow was one mile from the location and was “clear and available for calls,” the memo states. Two other officers responded, one of whom was 4.9 miles away. Parslow only responded to the incident after receiving a message from a sergeant requesting he respond, according to the memo.

Parslow had previously been counseled for “failing to respond as a backup officer in a timely manner” on three separate occasions, in March, April and September 2021.

Parslow’s suspension began on June 7 and runs through Aug. 5.

Sgt. Barnes was suspended for 10 days for not properly supervising a detective, according to her disciplinary memo.

In January 2022, the Office of Police Oversight received an anonymous complaint alleging an APD detective “had been stealing from the city for the last two years by working overtime at the city’s homeless hotels while he was supposed to be working from home.”

An internal investigation revealed irregularities in the detective’s time sheets, and that Sgt. Barnes may have violated APD policy “by failing to properly supervise the detective,” the disciplinary memo states.

Barnes told investigators she “never” checked overtime logs for APD Region IV, saying, “It was quite an oversight on my part,” according to the memo.

The detective also suspended several cases without notifying the victims, 10 of which were approved by Barnes. According to the memo, Barnes told investigators that, “It was an honor system,” and that “I was assuming he was making contact and I missed it.”

Barnes’ suspension began on June 4 and runs through June 13.