Three 17-year-olds accused of trying to steal two different cars hours apart


AUSTIN (KXAN) — Three 17-year-olds are in jail after allegedly trying to steal two different cars just hours apart. 

Arrest affidavits say Dylan Glass, Mario Suaste and Jason Guardado now face felony charges. 

On March 19, at around 1:30 p.m., according to the affidavits, Glass and Suaste approached a woman sitting in her car in her driveway on Francia Trail in south Austin. 

They asked her for a cigarette, and upon receiving one for each of them, the affidavits say Glass then told the woman to get out of the car. When she refused, the court documents say Glass went on to say, We’re gonna make you out of the car.

The woman is said to have boldly said:

I’d like to see you try!

At this point, the woman opened her door, fearing they may physically assault her in her vehicle in her own driveway. That’s when Glass tried to get in her car, and Suaste tried to grab her phone.

The woman tried to fight back by striking Glass in the face and started honking the horn repeatedly. This got the attention of a neighbor, and the suspects ran away. 

Second incident 

Just two hours after that incident, the court documents say Glass and Suaste approached a different woman at the JCPenney parking lot at the Southpark Meadows Shopping Center — only about a mile from Francia Trail.

The victim in the second attempt spoke with KXAN. She didn’t want to use her name, but gave a walkthrough of what happened.

She said at around 3:40 p.m., she pulled into the JC Penney parking lot.

I noticed there are a couple of young looking men, probably teenagers, who are weaving in between cars, she said.

She parked a few rows away from the teens, but when she put her car key in her purse and got ready to get out of her car, she said the teens had walked over to her car.

They knocked on her window.

She said one of them gestured, as if asking for a cigarette. She said she told them no, but they kept on knocking.

After some back and forth, she said she cracked her door open a little to tell them again no. 

He kind of put his hand in there kind of, made it hard for me to close, and he says that I need to get out of the car. He motions down and he had a knife at his waist.

Seeing the knife made her get out of the car. A million things are running through my mind. Okay, I guess I’m going to get out of this car.

He then demanded that she give him her car key. She said she was trying to look for it in her purse when he said, Give me your purse. Give me your phone. Give me everything.

She said she noticed some people in front of the store, so she decided to scream. By the time she was able to call 911, she said, Whatever composure I had was gone, I’m just bawling.

The affidavits say another man, Jason Guardado, helped them get away. 

According to Austin Police, auto theft is a growing problem in the city. The number has gone up by six percent. 

The affidavits say APD was able to arrest all three suspects shortly after the second robbery. According to the documents, Glass tried to run away from APD and was hit by a car on E. Slaughter Lane.

He was taken to the hospital, and when he was released, the documents say he ran away from the officers again and got hit by a car for the second time. 

Third incident

To go back in time a bit, it was discovered during interviews with police that both Glass and Suaste had stolen the knife they’d threatened the second woman with from a Walmart earlier in the day. 


Suaste is facing one first degree felony charge of aggravated robbery with a deadly weapon and one second degree felony charge of robbery by threat. His bail totals $150,000. 

Guardado is facing a second-degree felony charge of robbery by threat. His bail is $50,000.

All in all, Glass has been charged for three crimes. The first is a second degree felony charge, the second is first degree felony charge of aggravated robbery with a deadly weapon, and the third is a third degree felony charge of escaping from police custody. His bail charges total $175,000.

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