AUSTIN (KXAN) — A family living in east Austin is looking for answers after their home was shot at multiple times early Friday morning.

The shooting happened around 2:30 a.m. on Townsborough Drive.

“I just rolled on the floor and was ‘like somebody is shooting,'” said Francine, whose home was hit multiple times.

Multiple bullet holes could be seen in the front of the home.

“This is my 15 year old, this is his room and the majority of the bullets are here, here, here, here, here,” said Francine as she pointed out every hole. “This bullet shot went through my youngest kid’s room, right through their bed.”

“It is very scary,” said a woman who lives in the neighborhood. “I don’t even know if I want to sleep in our bedroom tonight.”

Francine said her family doesn’t have any issues with anybody, so she thinks she was targeted randomly.

911 call put on hold

Right after the shooting took place, Francine called 911, but no one answered and she was put on hold.

KXAN reached out to the Austin Police Department to see how long it took for the call to be answered and how quickly police responded.

The first call occurred at 2:34 am and held in the queue for 174 seconds waiting for a 911 Operator to answer. The caller hung up prior to a 911 Operator answering the call. The 911 Operator called back at 2:36:59 am. The call was in the dispatch queue at 2:38:18 am with call taking completed at 2:40:18 am. The first officer assigned and was in route at 2:38:25 am and arrived on scene at 2:44:08 am.

APD spokesperson

“We didn’t get hurt, but we are messed up mentally. We are shook from the situation,” said Francine. “We don’t want to live here. Something like this is traumatizing.”

Police tell us there were no arrests made and the investigation is still ongoing.

Francine said after posting about the incident, a number of other people have come forward saying their homes have also been shot up.

KXAN reached out to police to get more information about any related incidents nearby.